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See here for the rules governing our good commercial practices and ongoing calls for tender and for our supplier contact form.


? B. Blondel / HI

Good commercial practices

In implementing  its activities, HI  only works with suppliers of goods and services which meet our terms and conditions. In addition to the regulations in force in the countries where we work, we have developed our own rules of good commercial practice which apply to all our contractual relationships. Any company wishing to offer its services to HI must be willing to comply with these rules.


General Purchasing Conditions


HI’s Institutional policies


HI's institutional policies also set out measures concerning suppliers of goods and services.


Ongoing call for tenders


HI frequently launches calls for tenders to select the companies best placed to provide us with works, services and supplies in compliance with the quality and cost criteria established by our organisation.


Contact us

Would you like to work with us? Don't hesitate to make yourself known.

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