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HI worldwide

Discover key figures for the countries where HI works


The depiction and use of boundaries, geographic names and related data shown on this map are not warranted to be error free nor do they necessarily imply official endorsement or acceptance by HI.


HI in figures

2019 data


Direct and indirect beneficiaries

DIRECT BENEFICIARIES  2,871,722 people having received goods or services as part of a project implemented by HI or its operating partners in 2018.

INDIRECT BENEFICIARIES  11,489,950 people benefiting from the effects of goods or services received by HI’s direct beneficiaries in 2018


Beneficiaries data by sector of activity*


Health:  919,103 people

Social & economic inclusion:  674,975 people

Rehabilitation:  271,019 people

Action against mines and other weapons:  825,715 people

Basic needs**:  283,316 people

*Number of people having benefited directly from the actions of HI and its partners in 2018 Some people benefitted from a number of services and/or activities. Consequently, despite our best efforts, a few of them may have been counted more than once. Non-exhaustive data that does not include all sectors of HI’s activity

**Water, sanitation, shelter and livelihoods.

Global workforce***

4,237 people, i.e.:

- 3,401 national staff on the ground

- 347 international staff on the ground

- 273 headquarters staff working for programmes and on programme monitoring 

- 216 staff working in support services, fundraising and communication

***Expressed in annual full-time equivalent positions.

HI network budget


€217 million


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